Bunny Rabbit Necklaces!

Want to recreate our Bunny Rabbit necklace? Keep calm and hop on!


*This is Gracie! She is a three month old American Blue and Flemish Giant mix!*

Want to recreate the Bunny Rabbit Necklace pictured? Here are the components below:

12mm Square Cushion Cut and 15mmx7mm Navette Bunny Rabbit Necklace in Rhodium Overlay | View Here

(1pc) 12mm Square Cushion Cut stone (White Opal) | View Here

(2pcs) 15mmx7mm Navette stones (White Opal) | View Here

Other pieces pictured:

The Branded Collection-8.5mm (39SS) Casted 14 Box Luminous Bracelet | View Here

8.5mm(39SS) 33 Box Empty Necklace | View Here


Another great way to get into the Easter/Spring spirit is with pastel colors!

We used the 8.5mm Chrysolite, Jonquil, Light Rose, Light Turquoise, and Violet stones

 in the 33 Box Necklace and 14 Box Luminous Bracelet.

Feel free to get creative with other colors as well! Happy Easter! - LVR